Some of the services that Masini Parts makes available to its customers

Masini Parts, Partner Groupauto


The Auto Parts and Services distribution sector consists of 33 GROUPAUTO members that with over 101 points of sale including branches, warehouses Peripherals and PARTNER Spare Parts Dealers ensure a capillarity in the distribution of spare parts and services.

Over 500 people work in the Organization of which 60 are employed constantly supporting the development programs of the workshops e in ensuring the necessary technical support. Innovation and dynamism made it possible to achieve market leadership thanks to projects evolution of  distribution, development of e-commerce systems and integration of Workshop programs to meet any need market.


  • DISTRIBUTION: A distribution strategy that includes all the players in the market: large, medium and small Distributors and Spare Parts Dealers.

  • PRESENCE: A widespread presence throughout the Italian territory.

  • AGREEMENTS: Strategic and commercial agreements with leading component manufacturers in the original equipment and aftermarket.

  • PRODUCTS: Wide range of premium quality products / spare parts and with a multi-day summer delivery service.

  • SERVICES: With Groupauto you have everything available for state-of-the-art maintenance: the most up-to-date databases, telephone technical support allow you to identify the right spare part with all installation instructions.

  • PARTNERSHIP: Groupauto guarantees its capillarity not only through the Shareholders but also with the Partner Spare Parts dealers.


A program of services among the most complete on the market that responds in concrete way to the technical and managerial needs of workshops.

The services are designed and finalized entirely by the staff Groupauto making them exclusive, innovative and integrated into the commercial strategy of workshop networks.

The service package is developed on the 2 fundamental pillars of Groupauto Auto division:

  • PUNTO PRO: International network of the circuit Eurogarage dedicated to independent workshops projected to develop from a professional technical point of view and in customer management focusing on image,
    services and company fleets. Click here to discover the Punto Pro workshops in the province of Ferrara.
  • CAR CHECK-UP: A dedicated program to workshops which have, as their main objective, the development of the technical aspect e management. Click here to discover the Auto Check-up workshops in the province of Ferrara.

If you are interested in becoming a GroupAuto workshop, contact our Fidelity Manager:
Mr.Tagliatti Bruno
Phone: +39335227198

Service of revision, updating and maintenance of equipment

Masini Parts, offering heavy equipment products such as lifts, tire changers, compressors, etc., offers a service of periodic overhaul, updating and maintenance of the equipment through trusted partners at competitive prices.

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Workshops training

Professional Competence is one of the fundamental pillars of Workshops that want to remain protagonists in the future of repair.
Our Automotive Sector is, more than many others, in continuous development
  both for the quantity of electronic systems and for the new technologies
which are added to vehicles every year.
Masini Parts together with its parnets has been developing courses for over 10 years of professional training centered on the needs of the workshops thanks to our technicians and trainers who support growth professional workshop.
The training catalog is updated every year with the addition of new content.
The courses are delivered on the territory at our offices.

Products to combat COVID-19

Masini Parts since the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic has been committed to introducing, for its customers, products e equipment necessary for the reduction and containment of the epidemic in the specific field of application of mechanical workshops.
These products and equipment have been researched and purchased after verification of the CE requirements, to guarantee customers the peace of mind of purchasing suitable and certified products.

Among the products we distribute:

  • CE certified surgical masks
  • CE certified FFP2 masks
  • Disposable nitrile and latex gloves
  • Specific disinfectants for sanitizing the surfaces of cars before and after maintenance
  • Hydroalcoholic gels for hand sanitization
  • Soaps and hand washing pastes
  • Distribution systems (compressed air) for disinfectant products
  • Ozone sanitizers
  • Sanitizers for car / truck cockpits and for car / truck air conditioning systems
  • Tapes delimiters for stable safe paths or avoiding access in specific areas
  • High absorption pure cellulose paper rolls

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Whatsapp Service

A service that has now become fundamental in the consultancy work of every day is undoubtedly the Whatsapp Business service.
Our Whatsapp number, unique for all departments and company departments, is available for technical advice and orders.

Masini Parts team

A team of over 40 people, including technical consultants, external sales operators, employees, workers, characterized by the will to make this great team with collaboration.