Our history

Masini group, a history of more than 50 years

Car parts

We have to go back in time to understand the origins of the company.
In the thirties in a town in the province of Ferrara, to be exact in  Portomaggiore, Mr. Masini Dino, an eclectic and ingenious person, founded a workshop mechanics for the repair of all vehicles then in use,
such as agricultural vehicles, motorcycles and cars, and, before the second war world, he was already very famous in the area for the ability, of him and of the gods of him workers of him, to solve every type of problem related to the operation of engines of any kind.

But it is afterwards, at the end of the Second World War, that yes he moved to the city, to Ferrara, with his children to continue and enlarge the activity.

So after a few years and after the untimely death of the father, the brothers
Masini Ermanno and Giuseppe continue their business by starting an engine rectification workshop with the resale of spare parts for auto, motorcycle and agricultural machinery.
Years of hard work that were the premise for the expansion of the business
of specialists spare parts for motor vehicles of all kinds and spare parts for
agricultural machinery, as well as maintaining and developing the workshop for the engine grinding.
Great attention to customers with specialized personnel who, with the their advice, either directly at the counter or by telephone advise on every need related to spare parts for motor vehicles, for tractors and vehicles up to 35 quintals.

Today the challenges are not over and the business is taking shape in the market of independent spare parts dealers for the sale of "aftermarket" parts
that is after-sales as defined and regulated by the EC Regulations currently in force in Europe.

As an independent spare parts distributor wholesale is offered to customers, mostly made up of workshops a in turn independent:

  • an assortment of auto parts of all brands;
  • quality of treated spare parts from the largest manufacturers
    of Components for Cars, suppliers of the big car manufacturers;
  • a distribution network with daily supplies for the provinces of Ferrara, Bologna, Rovigo and shipments throughout Italy;
  • a structured assortment according to the needs of the target groups;
  • electronic catalogs of spare parts and IT solutions for customers;
  • of qualified personnel for customer advice and training.

The goal today is to enhance the independent market by addressing this challenge together with its customers, certain that the results do build through a solid and transparent business relationship.

The future? We will write it together!

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Masini Parts s.r.l. was born in 1980,
from a branch of the Masini Autoforniture company, when for the needs of
space and changing commercial needs, it has become indispensable create a company for the marketing of industrial spare parts for bus and truck. Initially linked to the IVECO company as dealer, today, after the changed EC regulations, it has become a spare parts dealer independent of the Aftermarket in spare parts for industrial vehicles.

It is located in an industrial area in a building of over 2,000 square meters
with about 40,000 references in the assortment and is staffed specialized for all types of technical advice, boasting a thirty years of experience in the sector.

The customers the company refers to are workshops of maintenance and repair of industrial vehicles and transport companies both private and public in an area that encompasses almost entirely the Emilia - Romagna Region, part of the Marche and Lombardy regions.

The company also has a division for engine grinding, in which machining is carried out for all types of piston engines including agricultural and marine engines, some of the activities carried out are listed below:

  • Electronic balancing, fixed and portable,
  • Crankshaft grinding
  • Industrial precision grinding
  • Overhaul of monoblocks
  • Reconstruction of camshafts
  • Cam supports boring
  • Header reconstruction
  • Repair of cast iron bases

The headquarters of this activity is located in Ferrara in Via Veneziani n. 16,
  in a building of approx. 1650 with a courtyard area of over 1,000 square meters, the location is extremely convenient for both the southern area of the city through Via Bologna, which for the northern area, being the road inserted
in the ring road of Via Ferraresi.

For the future it will be essential to remain free and independent, but open to collaboration with free market operators (aftermarket manufacturers, resellers, workshops) and any serious operator who wants to network in our sector.